Message From Secretary

It is a matter of immense pleasure to highlight the tremendous and remarkable achievements of the Higher Education Academy of Research and Training Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the year 2020-2021. The academy has made significant developments in academic and administrative fields. In spite of many challenges like the Covid-19 Pandemic, limited infrastructure, and resources, the academy left no stone unturned in achieving its unique mandate of training a huge bulk of various cadres of college teachers in the promotion zones. The untiring efforts of the Academy made this possible to strengthen it in terms of academic performance and administrative uplifts.

I believe that mentoring an individual in the professional sphere is a continuous effort and training is essential for one’s personal and professional grooming and academic development. HEART ensures that every cadre of teachers gets the soft skills and knowledge to impart the same to its community. I appreciate the contributions HEART made in offering to the teaching community an experience far beyond the premises of the colleges by enhancing their knowledge in a conducive and viable learning and research environment within and outside the academy. It delivers its utmost in the limited resources and places special emphasis on elevating moral and ethical values, and skills required for facing a complex situation in routine life.

The Academy has engaged a pool of highly experienced, intellectual, and qualified academic professionals to guide the trainees in improving their teaching methodology, research skills, conceptual clarity, and adaptability to new challenges. These specialized resource persons also test trainees’ knowledge through rigorous theoretical and practical activities.

I congratulate the whole team of HEART working under the supervision of Prof. Tasbih Ullah, Director HEART, on achieving their targets in a short span of this one-year duration within a meager financial and human resources. The structure of training programs, their implementation plans, revision of the modules, and other administrative initiatives taken by the top leadership are worth appreciating.  I believe the success of an institution lies in its strong management and visionary leadership which is visible in HEART. I wish everyone associated with this academy to strive hard to produce professional and committed individuals who in turn reproduce quality students to find their role in this challenging competitive world.

Mr. Dawood Khan 

Secretary Higher Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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