Message From Director Heart

Toil acknowledged is toil rewarded. It was always a deeper craving to work at the rampart of the castle of education and to raise its edifice to visible grandeur, and nothing is more soothing than seeing a mission fulfilled. During the year 2020-21, the academy achieved far beyond its set goals by imparting quality training to the college faculty of government colleges. It’s for the first time ever to extend the training programs to teachers of commerce colleges, too. The quality of training programs at HEART in the year 2021 has earned the attention of all educational institutions across the province and resultantly, the Director FG colleges sent college teachers for training.

HEART is rightly named as the organ heart purifies and provides fresh lifeblood to all the body. So, the institution HEART has wreathed a garland of shining Resource Persons for sharing their wider knowledge, inculcation of higher moral,e and an enlightened concept of education with its basis on modern theories of education and personality development. It is rightly hoped the training programs shall play a pivotal role in the uplift of the election system from classroom to assessment level of the college students.

The vision of the Establishment of Research Wing at the academy is indebted to the worthy Secretary of Higher Education who personally took interest in the matter with a frolic demeanor. The Research Wing, as its mandate, shall start an impact factor journal of higher quality; shall hold seminars, conferences, symposia, and debates on challenges to higher education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The same shall provide a foundation for recommendations to the provincial government on policies pertaining to higher education in the province. Professional development and capacity building of the ministerial staff working at government colleges of the province has also been started to technically equip the supporting staff on modern lines. It will ensure the transparency and expedition of the office work to the optimum.

It is optimistically hoped HEART will prove it’s instrumental in pursuing its sublime goals in the spans of mandatory training in alignment with the modern educational needs, launching of the first-ever research journal, holding seminars, symposia, and work on recommendations to the provincial government on academic and administrative challenges to Higher Education. May the HEART team continue with the same enthusiastic zeal.

Professor Tasbihullah

Director Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Higher Education Academy

of Research and Trainings (HEART)

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